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Hello All,
At a Joint meeting of The Galilean and Darlington Sessions last night the following points were reached in response to the Covid 19 virus crisis.
1)  Worship services and church activities are suspended until further notice except for the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is essential for most of the patrons. There will be a live stream service on Sunday on either Facebook or You Tube or both. The service will also be recorded for viewing on You Tube. We forgot to discuss what time the live stream service will be.  There will just be a few of us at the church to conduct the live stream worship service.
2)  Rev. Hoffman will do a daily message to be sent out every day.  Once a week we will mail those messages to those who don’t have email.
3)  We will form teams to call people of the church and visitors on a daily basis to check in with people and to see how they are doing.
4)  We will need people to mail in their tithes and offerings because the church is still going to have expenses we need to meet. The church address is: The Galilean Presbyterian Church 201 Madison St. Box 247 New Galilee Pa. 16141 mark it to the attention of Treasurer Bill Moore

   It is important that we stay in touch and use good sources for directions as to what we need to do going forward. Remember to pray for those who are working to keep us safe and those who are reporting to work daily to keep production going to keep us fed and supplied for our daily needs and that our God is all powerful watching over us. Psalm 4:8 says " I will lie down and sleep peacefully, for you, Lord, make me safe and secure".
Blessings & Stay Safe
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