The platter cracked; the engine stalled; the shirt tore; her heart gets broken. Some things are beyond repair. Some, an easy fix with glue or tape. But others you just wonder if they ever can be fixed. In reality, we are all living in a broken world. There are hurting people all around us. Loved ones get sick and die; many people are lonely; or there are other people around and yet they still feel empty inside. Adults, seniors, young people — no one is exempt. The truth is: we live in a Fallen world. Ever since the first sin in The Garden of Eden (Read Genesis 3), the world has been tempted, led astray, cheated, been hurtful, and much worse. Satan Is for Real! He is a deceiver, a cheater, a liar, a downright troublemaker. But....... That’s not an excuse. God has a plan from the beginning. He had a plan for ALL people; to send His one and only Son into this world. Jesus came, taught, preached, then died by crucifixion, a cruel death on the cross, so that we may live fully with God; Here on earth, and in Heaven forever! (Once you have asked Je- sus to come into your heart, and have sincerely asked Him to forgive all your sins.) What would/could that mean for the previously mentioned people in the first part of this Reflection? For starters, do you know any such persons? Might God be calling you to reach out to such as these? We all may be guilty of claiming to be so very busy. But a card sent, a phone call made and a short visit may be just what is needed to be that person whom God is working through. I was reading in a Devotional that people, especially women, can lead a seemingly perfect and community life but are suffering silently from feelings of alienation. It is possible to feel displaced instead of secure even with those who love you. The Devotional went on to say that, “In truth we are all outsiders and wanderers according to God.” Our true Home, for those who believe that Jesus died and rose again for their personal sins — for them —is ready in Heaven—When God calls you home. In John 14:1-4, it says “He has prepared a room for you”. In the meantime you may want to share with some people who might be feeling low, this verse from Zephaniah 3:17: “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing” If You are the lonely One, the hurting one — Reach out — Someone (God) is ready and waiting. Al- so, Reach out — someone (another friend, a church member, the Pastor...) is ready and willing and waiting. “The Lord Your God is with You!”
     From Wendy's Rocker