Rocky Spring church founded 1828
    Rocky Spring church founded 1828 - 1827 The first worship services were held. A tent shelter was used for the Pastor while the people sat on logs. The Communion elements were set upon a flat rock that had a spring flowing by it. Thus, Rocky Spring was the name chosen by the congregation. The site was on property that was known as the Craun farm one mile west of Homewood. That is near the intersection of Craun Lane and Foxwood Road in Big Beaver Borough today.
    1828 – 1830 Rev. Moses Kerr served as the first pastor. The longest serving pastor was Rev. Samuel Patterson 1849 – 1895. For a total of 46 years.
    1833 Land was donated by the Line family to build a structure for worship and a cemetery. It is said that a log structure was erected first followed later by a clapboard structure. This served as the house of worship until 1868 when the present house of worship was built during the tenure of Rev. Patterson.
    February 1, 1959, the Rocky Spring United Presbyterian Church joined with The First Presbyterian Church of New Galilee to form The Galilean United Presbyterian Church. In1983 With the merger of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. (the southern church) and The United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (the northern church) We became The Galilean Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)